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   Very good!
   How have you been this Holy Week?
We, as we usually do every year, spend the time watching the processions of Jerez and Puerto Real.


     Today I want to talk to you again about the Dropship Clothes store, because I am wearing a new garment from its website.
This time it is an original orange shirt with ruffled sleeves. Isn’t it perfect for the fair?
As this party is just around the corner, I wanted to add a little more of that flamenco touch, carrying a cute polka dot bag.

AirBrush_20190421162736  AirBrush_20190421162958AirBrush_20190421163109 AirBrush_20190421162849

What do you think?


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Welcome may! Although this week I publish on Wednesday, I do it in a different way, nothing less than … From Sanxenxo! We are enjoying some long-awaited and well-deserved days of rest in this wonderful area of Galicia and loading the batteries!

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Those of you who follow me on my social networks will already have found out about you, specifically through Instagram and Instagram Stories, and those of you who do not follow me, can find me here and so you can follow my adventures …

The photos that I show you today I love. Reflect the relaxation and happiness of being on vacation, as well as the dress I wear, according to my style and personality. It is from Dropship and as always, I leave you at the end of the post the direct link. A little kiss and happy worker’s day!

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