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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It is already April, can you believe it? I am still probably somewhere at the end of December because I can´t clearly remember what happened between Christmas and the 1st of April! Growing up makes time flowing faster, I swear! It has already been a few days since I received my order from an e-shop called Dropship Clothes too.

They contacted me for the collaboration purpose at the end of January, I made a certain order on the 6th of February and it was arranged for shipping in 24 hours! The delivery took something between two to three weeks which is normal for the clothing sites like this one. If you are looking for some new clothing to upgrade your wardrobe, I highly recommend you to look at Dropship Dresses category. I ordered three different pieces of clothing – Denim Jumper Dress, High Waist Denim Shorts and Black Woolen Coat. If you are interested in seeing the items, continue reading the article 🙂

Vintage Blue Denim Button Down Jumper Dress is available in two different denim colours – dark blue and dark silver/black one. To be honest, I had a seriously hard time deciding whether to order this one or the other one. In the end, I decided to choose the classic dark blue denim. It is very easy to match with anything and it can freshen your outfit as well. Since I was a child, I have always liked denim dresses like this one. Especially with the buttons and big pockets in the front!
Even if it is denim, the jumper dress is very light and easy to walk/move in. I thought the material would be thicker, but thanks God, it is not. Because of this fact, you can wear it during the warm spring and summer days too without worrying about getting sweaty ? When combined with the T-shirt or blouse, you can make a seriously cute outfit. Also, it does not matter what kind of shoes will you be wearing together with this denim jumper dress.BTW, every single day, you can enjoy the Big Sale too. There are various pieces of clothing so if you are interested, take a look!

Vintage Blue Denim Button Down Jumper Dress

Medium Blue Paper Bag Waist Denim Shorts was the second pick which made me very happy. I do not wear denim shorts very often in the summer. It is simply because I hate the feeling of them being too thick and not breathable for my skin. Also, I really wanted the high waisted ones very much! And, voilá, I have them! Except for this shade, they are also available in the light denim and dark denim one. The material is the same as in the first case – it is denim, but not a very thick one, actually quite stretchy!

High waist look makes it more interesting. It can also make your figure looks more feminine and slender! I just love the fact that I can wear the crop tops as well and I do not have to worry about showing my belly, haha. It is not that I am not confident with it, it is just that I do not like to show very much of my skin to public ^^~ I am keeping it safe and only to myself, hehe.

Medium Blue Paper Bag Waist Denim Shorts

Black Lamb Wool Zipped Chunky Coat the last item is probably the one I have been looking forward to the most! This kind of sweaters/sweatshirts/coat have been seriously popular since the autumn. And even before, let´s be honest. When I saw this Black Zipped One at Dropship Clothes, I just had to have it! I do not own anything similar and it was pure love at first sight. This product is available in three other colours as well – dark green, camel and light brown. I, as you could have already seen, chose the classic black one.

The sweatshirt/coat is very soft to touch, made of the thick yet very light material to wear. It is comfortable too and it will keep you warm during the cold autumn and winter days. Easy to match, with the zip closing in the front. It also has two big pockets in the front. Just ideal for the days when you want to feel cosy ? It is very cheap too! It doesn´t cost neither 13 dollars!

Black Lamb Wool Zipped Chunky Coat


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As she gives a little warmth, I’m already thinking about dresses. Well, I wore the dresses all year round, but in the spring and summer the dresses are perfect. Shewin dresses made me look, and I made a wishlist.
They have a variety of models and unbeatable prices. They really amazed these prices and that’s why they pushed me to choose as many products as possible.
The first thought we had when we saw the prices, I said from the start that the products are of poor quality. There’s no good thing at such low prices. I’m used to much higher prices, and they seemed to me dubious.
To be much safer, I searched for internet reviews and I was pleasantly surprised. The girls who ordered from this site were glad with what they received.
Because in the spring I want to get rid of all the thick clothes wearing during the winter, most of the times I use the dresses.
Dresses  worn in the spring, along with a cardigan or jacket, seem to me to be a very good combination. These two models seem perfect to be able to be worn this spring.

They have pockets and they have clearly conquered me. I prefer pocketable clothes, and do not ask me why.

Spring dresses Dropship

Evening dresses Dropship

Because in the following period, there are a lot of events, I chose two models of elegant dresses.
The strawberries are perfect for such events, so I chose two models. I still think which model to be the winner, but I like both dresses.

Flower dresses Dropship

Although, it looks like there is much until the summer, it comes faster than I think. That’s why it’s good to get ready early.
On Shewin site I saw a lot of summer dresses and I would love to wear these models. I do not know where to decide, there are so many and so beautiful. These dresses are perfect for both the street and the beach. I like it a lot, and the floral print is superb. All the dresses with this print are perfect in the summer, and it was so difficult for me to decide only two dresses. Both costs $ 10, and it’s very possible to choose both.