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Hey everyone, 
and welcome back on my blog.
Happy Friday my lovelies, weekend is finally coming!
I know it has been very long week, but it’s time for small break.
To me Friday means lot of work and new fashion post, this time we gonna hang
out we new brand and it’s Dropship-clothes.
Dropship is another huge online fashion brand who offer wide range of clothes.
I’m honored for having opportunity to collaborate with
 them and in next couple posts you will see everything I got.
So, let’s start!

Zdravo svima, 
i dobrodošli nazad na moj blog!
Sre?an petak moji voljeni, vikend je kona?no pred nama!
Znam da je ova nedelja za mnoge bila veoma duga ali mislim da je vreme za kratku pauzu.
Petak za mene zna?i da je vreme za novi modni post ovog puta družimo se sa jednim novim brendom,
a to je Dropship-clothes.
Dropship je još jedan ogroman online fashion brend koji nudi širok asortiman ode?e.
Veoma sam sre?na jer imam priliku da radim sa ovim brendom i u narednih par blog
postova vide?ete šta sam sve to dobila.
Zato, hajde da po?nemo!

First off, I want to praise the excellent team who work for this brand.
They are so professional and shipping is amazing I got my package in couple days.
Maybe I said before I received three items, one of them was Hooded Sporty Jacket which you going to read right now.
Also, now they have Big Sale so go check it, maybe you’ll find something 
for you -Dropship Big Sale.
That was all!  I hope you enjoyed!

How To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit Casually

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How To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit CasuallyHow To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit Casually

If there’s something I really like to do, it’s wearing a jumpsuit. I would wear one everyday if it were practical and possible because I love them that much but first…

How are you guys doing? I hope you liked my last post on colored gemstones, superstitions explained. I hope you learnt something from it. Anyway, I got this brightly colored jumpsuit from a site called Dropship Clothes. I’d actually never heard of it until recently and when I saw this beautiful orange number, I figured it would make for a great ” how to wear a jumpsuit casually” kind of post.

How To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit CasuallyHow To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit Casually

It’s been super hot since the start of the year and honestly, I’m not ready for the rain yet. I know rain brings food but I also know that the sun makes my fashion life easier. I love such pieces. Unusual cuts for lack of a better phrase.

This is a wide-legged jumpsuit that has one exaggerated flared sleeve which I absolutely love. I feel like that, aside from the color is what makes this jumpsuit.

How To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit CasuallyHow To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit Casually
So the fabric feels great on my skin. Comfortable and great for such hot weather and I know it’s just getting to spring in the west and this is the kind of piece you might want to consider adding to your wardrobe.
A bright colored jumpsuit looks great under the sun and orange always looks so delicious. I really wanted to have this post up earlier in the week but the first set of pictures I took somehow had issues, didn’t want me to prosper and so did the second set of pictures so I waited to travel home, been here since Thursday and I just took the pictures which explains why the post is being created nineteen minutes past midnight lol.
How To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit Casually
So we’re talking how to wear a bright colored jumpsuit casually so I just wore mine with a pair of sandals. Silvery sandals that have a touch of gold. Well, the sandals give it that extra casual vibe plus it was too hot to wear closed shoes.
I went for a black belt just to break the jumpsuit a bit and some black tassle earrings. I love tassles because they are nice and fun. Since the weather calls for it, I just added a dark brown straw bag which I am so in love with. I’ve had it for years but I only realized its worth recently lol.
To keep the jumpsuit as the centre of my outfit, I thought I’d just have a simple hairdo and completed the look with these sunnies which kept reflecting everything. Sorry about that but I just love them.
How To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit CasuallyHow To Wear A Bright Colored Jumpsuit Casually

So do stop by their site sometime.  The Dropship dresses are also so fabulous. I got one which I will definitely be posting next so keep stopping by for that. They also have a big sale which you should definitely take advantage of.

Thanks for stopping by

Dropship Dresses

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Dress: Dropship Clothes
Shoes: FILA
Handbag: Pedro
Earrings: ALDO
Rings & Necklace: La-Venne
Sunglasses: CHIC NYC


Dress: Dropship Clothes
Coat: Boohoo
Shoes: Charlotte Rousee
Socks: American Apparel
Sunglasses: Monarch Tokyo

Two looks in one post?! I am finally more consistent with posting on my blog, which makes me happy, but I have noticed how much the popularity of blogging is…slowly…declining. It is declining because social media like Instagram and Tumblr exists where you can easily post whatever you want, caption it, and boom; you have a means of communicating through people without making an actual website. While I am not against that, social media continues to make things more innovative every day, but I think it is becoming harder for new faces in the Blogger world. But hey! It is what it is.
In this post, I want to share two looks featuring dresses that I received from Dropship Clothes. In the first look, I am wearing a long, black button-down dress along with a pair of white dad sneakers. Then, I accessorize with a small handbag and jewelry to provide the perfect casual look for dinner out with some friends. In the second look, my favorite, I am wearing a short, black mesh dress with rhinestones all over it. I had been looking for a dress like this for a while, so when Dropship sent it to me I knew I had to style the perfect look for a night out. In this look, I style the dress with a black fur coat from Boohoo and silver strappy heels. Then, I accessorize with jewelry (of course), a handbag, and a pair of black sunglasses from Monarch Tokyo (check out my review on those here!). If you want to look glamorous for the night, you will need a rhinestone dress like this that is also affordable.
Now, I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the brand; I received it fairly quickly, the quality is better than I expected, and I like the way they look on me. The only issue that I have is the credibility of the photos on their website. The rhinestone dress does not look exactly like how it is pictured, but it’s close enough. The long black dress is actually listed as a ‘midi’ dress and I am wearing a size small. As you can see, it looks more like a maxi dress; therefore, it is either not a midi dress or their sizing is incorrect. So, I would suggest looking closely at their size guide before making a purchase. As someone whose size depends on the clothing company, it was a bit frustrating that the dress does not fit the way I want it to but I make it work I guess.
You can check out their website here! As well as their Big Sale page here!