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Hey everyone, 
and welcome back on my blog.
Happy Friday my lovelies, weekend is finally coming!
I know it has been very long week, but it’s time for small break.
To me Friday means lot of work and new fashion post, this time we gonna hang
out we new brand and it’s Dropship-clothes.
Dropship is another huge online fashion brand who offer wide range of clothes.
I’m honored for having opportunity to collaborate with
 them and in next couple posts you will see everything I got.
So, let’s start!

Zdravo svima, 
i dobrodošli nazad na moj blog!
Sre?an petak moji voljeni, vikend je kona?no pred nama!
Znam da je ova nedelja za mnoge bila veoma duga ali mislim da je vreme za kratku pauzu.
Petak za mene zna?i da je vreme za novi modni post ovog puta družimo se sa jednim novim brendom,
a to je Dropship-clothes.
Dropship je još jedan ogroman online fashion brend koji nudi širok asortiman ode?e.
Veoma sam sre?na jer imam priliku da radim sa ovim brendom i u narednih par blog
postova vide?ete šta sam sve to dobila.
Zato, hajde da po?nemo!

First off, I want to praise the excellent team who work for this brand.
They are so professional and shipping is amazing I got my package in couple days.
Maybe I said before I received three items, one of them was Hooded Sporty Jacket which you going to read right now.
Also, now they have Big Sale so go check it, maybe you’ll find something 
for you -Dropship Big Sale.
That was all!  I hope you enjoyed!

Haul de vestidos Dropship Clothes

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      Hello everyone! To close the week I bring a haul with Dropship dresses that came to me from the online store Dropship Clothes, are three pieces that I chose for different occasions, a maxi dress, a blouse and a party dress, keep going down to see each one of the pieces, for now I show you both dresses and later I will show you the shirt in a more autumnal proposal.


I chose this maxi dress in color mustard because it is a shade that I like a lot besides it looks perfect with the tan that I currently have, I liked the bohemian design that makes it perfect for summer evenings where I like to go more relaxed, besides the white flowers a very summery print, the design of the dress makes it look like two pieces but it is one piece, I accompanied him with my straw crossbody and some heeled sandals but I can also wear it with flats some maxi tassel earrings finish the set.






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Leather Black Studded Boots | Zaful (gifted) – SimilarCheck out the DROPSHIP CLOTHES sale here!  

 Okay so I’m no expert, but I seem to really enjoy taking outfit photos in my garden alone recently and sharing them on my blog. So for those who want to give it a try, for those who are just starting out or for those who don’t want to rely on a photographer all the time, here’s how I do it.
First of all, I bought a tripod from Ebay. It was only around £15 and looks something like this (click here). It’s pretty simple to fix your tripod to the stand, there’s a detatchable part which you can remove from the tripod, twist onto the hole with a thread in your camera, then fasten back onto the tripod. Finding your angle in your garden or place you take the tripod to may take a good few tries. I have two places in my garden which I like to take photos in. As it’s a shared garden and I don’t really like to be watched, I just usually pick the place where I feel most comfortable in that day. When taking outfit photos with a photographer I use a Canon EF 50MM f/1.8 II lense, but for taking photos on my own, I use the standard lense my camera came with which is the Canon EFS 18-55mm, it isn’t the best but does allow you to take full length photos without putting the tripod too far away from you if you get my drift. I’m sure there’s a far more technical term, but as I said I’m not an expert.
I put the camera on a 10 second timer, move away from the shot and press the button, I then stand infront of the camera and pose. I also have a little screen which I can un-fold and see myself in when i’m standing infront of the camera, making sure I can see exactly what is in the frame. I start with full-length photos fully zoomed out, then move to half-length photos just by stepping closer. For portraits I either sit, bend down or if I have lots of time I tend to shorten the legs and fully fit on the floor. I do this with my back to a wall and feel like it does give me really great portraits. I have heard of lots of people using remotes and I do think if you have one, it’s a great tool to have, I just personally don’t like to buy things that aren’t 100% necessary. The one issue I have had to try and work past is getting photos in focus. At first when I started taking outfit photos in my garden, I found the camera focussed on the background when I pressed the ‘take photo’ button, then when I stood infront of the background it didn’t get me in focus at all. I overcame this by standing infront of the background in these photos – half of the photo is set more forward than the rest, meaning I can stand right next to the wall and it will get me in focus too, rather than focusing on something behind me.
So that’s it. Pretty easy really! I always find sun makes the photos better to edit, and wind makes my photos look a bit more interesting. In this shoot I had neither, but still love the outcome. Thanks for reading!