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     I’m back today with a new look and a second dress I received from Dropship clothes. Like I told you in my last look article I was really surprised by the quality of theses dresses. I even prefer the quality of theses dresses than a Boohoo order I made  few days ago. I’ll show you the Boohoo clothes because I still really love the clothes I received. I matched this dropship dress with my littles red high heels, a pair of sunglasses and earrings for a summer look because the weather can be pretty hot here in Bahrain (I’m really not ready for summer here haha.). I’m coming home in few days in France to visit my family and I think I’m gonna be pretty cold there. I’m not ready to be back with winter clothes haha. 

When I wear this girly dress I can imagine myself having a cotton candy or a big pink ice cream haha. ( you can look for more Dropship dresses and check the Big sale ). I’m pretty sure I’m gonna wear it a lot during theses hot months in Bahrain. What do you think about it ? I’m so sorry if the dress doesn’t look so well ironed in the pictures it’s because all our boxes and furnitures didn’t arrive yet in Bahrain. When you’ll be reading this article I should be receiving all our boxes and be busy tidy up everything haha. Oh and about the location of theses photos it’s a great place called the lagoon, located just near our home. All around the lagoon there is a lot of cafes and restaurants. It’s perfect for the week end ! I’m sure I’ll talk to you more about it in the future.

Des bisous, xx



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