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Good afternoon girls !!
About a month ago I placed an order with Droship Clothes. It is an online clothing store that is quite varied and with many sizes in stock, such as Plus Size.

Lately I’ve been a fan of very long dresses and ordered two slightly different ones. I show you below.

I really liked this pink dress with floral print. Last summer I bought one exactly the same as this model in terms of cut and I was very happy.
The pink color is very cuddly but intense at the same time and I like the floral pattern because the flowers are blue and make a very nice contrast with the background.
The dress also has two pockets. something that seems to have become fashionable.

The green dress has fascinated me. It is my favorite. It is a sweet green, cuddly but intense at the same time, the same thing happens with the pink dress. This time the top has short sleeves and I think they go great with the dress. It is a variable of the previous dress.
The floral print, as you will vary, is made up of very dark pink and green colors that make a very good contrast with the background color.
In this photo I have my hands in both pockets so that you can appreciate it.

If you click on the links that I have left, you will vary that there are many variables in terms of colors of each model. Each of us may like a different pattern.

Did you already know this online store? Do you like dresses?

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