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Every girl can be compared to a berry. This would all be compared with a juicy cherry, ripe under the rays of the summer sun. This cherry sparkled from the inside and chained all eyes of people to itself, and the aroma was so magical that it was almost impossible to compare with something even closely resembling.
This red dress is right that same cherry.

I really like the rich red and pea print, which is relevant this summer.


The dress itself – dress shirt – is very versatile. I have always avoided the length of the maxi, but in vain – thanks to the buttons, the dress can be worn in different ways. For example, to fasten all the buttons and there will be a more restrained image, but you can undo a few (in my case, a total of 5 buttons are undone), the image comes out relaxed. And I really like how the hem flutters from behind the wind, which at that moment looks more like a train.

To be honest, I was very worried about the material – I was afraid that it would be impossible to wear a dress in the heat. But I’m so glad I was wrong. I had a long and beautiful promenade and I was very comfortable in this dress, it is really comfortable to wear, it does not crease and, for example, ironing the dress takes literally a minute, despite the length of the product. So I now have a great thing for the whole summer.

For the price – on the Dropship website it costs only $ 11! This is just a gorgeous dress for such a little money, I think this is the most pleasant experience of buying things, especially dresses, for such a price. I sincerely share with you, tearing such a pearl from the heart.

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