Men’s Shirt Styling Trends

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Although there are plenty of shirts that are available, finding a right one is a challenging task. From Paris to India, there seems to be fresh breeze of trends that have found a way into men’s wardrobe collections. The trend is definitely a positive and much sought after one. Ever imagined to think that stripes would be so popular? Well, if you have not yet considered stripes to be in your closet, you need to rethink on your closet strategy.

Celebrities, these days, especially men have been advised by world renowned fashion experts to try shirts in stripes, be it horizontal or vertical. It seriously doesn’t matter if you have worn a horizontal or a vertical one, but what really is of utmost importance is the fact that stripes are really the in thing. In addition, what is given more importance to the shirts these days is much more than the look of the shirts. In fact, men are becoming more particular about the kind of fabrics that goes into making the shirts and are becoming more aware of slim fit shirts, regular fit shirts in Giza cotton and pure cotton. Gone are those days, when men were considering shirts just on the labels.

In shirts, the trend on the colors is also going through rapid change. Traditionally, shirts were being picked from more sober shades with acceptance of hues of blue, white and grey. These days, brighter hues of colors that match with the trousers and suits are been given more preference. In casual shirts too, it is much more than just the variety that has been looked for and consumer, specifically men are interested in shirts that offer better fit with varied style options that include contrasting inner neck lines, side tabs and contrasting button and button hole too. While it’s perfectly fine to opt for shirts online while shopping online in India to buy men’s shirts with stylish features, it is generally advised to buy shirts with better fit and different full sleeves too as a perfect office wear. On the formal front too, the trend on the formal shirts have undergone a rapid transition from being seen as a mere formal wear to something that is much more expressive and at the same time, offers the professional look and feel. Another trend that is seen is that printed shirts are making a comeback this season and that’s definitely for good.

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