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My computer is working again so I can continue with blogging. I’m happy that I can finish my little series with the 3rd dress. If you didn’t read my previous posts, you can click the links and see the green dress and burgundy dress.

This post is sponsored. I was gifted with 3 dresses of my own choice for the review by the manufacturer and marketer They are selling online very affordable women fashion included lingerie, swimwear, and sportswear. I would like to present you the third dress I chose. Like always, I tell you my honest opinion. If I like it, I’ll tell you, if don’t, I’m gonna tell you either.

This time, I wasn’t looking in plus size section like before. Not this time. I searched all “normal” sizes section and I found this khaki dress. It looked perfect. I hoped that the dress will be the same as in the picture. And it was. I love the midi skirt. The short sleeves are covering my shoulders. I was afraid that the neckline will be too deep and I wasn’t mistaken. As I prefer not to show so much cleavage, I used a white tank top underneath.

I just love this dress. I will have a lot of use from it. What do you think?


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