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This dress was made of a pleasant to wear, flexible material. It’s quite warm, perfect for colder days. Looks great when combined with tights or leggings. In my outfit you’ll see the first option, which I completed with long boots. It has puffed sleeves, which I personally like very much. Due to the fact that I don’t belong to very tall people (I’m about 163 cm tall), this dress – although it’s referred to as a mini – reaches me practically to my knees. Perhaps, I should order it a smaller size, i.e. not M, but S. Although, usually I prefer it when something is bigger than smaller. I just feel very good in oversize clothes. Anyway, I solved this problem by wearing a belt that I fastened at the height of the waist. In this way, the dress “went” automatically up and I got the length I wanted. And to be honest – I like the option with a belt more than an option without it.


Another minus, which for me is a plus, is the color of the dress. On the page is written that its color is black, and in fact – as you’ll see – you can define it more as graphite. When I ordered this dress, I had doubts whether black isn’t too dark color for me. There were still dosty pink to choose from, but I found that it was too bright for the autumn and winter season. And then I thought that the perfect color would be gray. Nevertheless, I ultimately chose black, which turned out to be a dark shade of gray. It’s great for me, but keep it in mind if you decide to buy it.


In conclusion – the Dropship-Clothes dress is definitely worth attention. You can create a lot of interesting stylizations that really suit different occasions. Its quality is at a very high level. Her purchase was a great choice for me. I love to wear it.


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