Use Your Dance Wear as a Halloween Costume

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wholesale Red Bad To The Bone Halloween Skeleton Costume, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Red Bad To The Bone Halloween Skeleton Costume

Halloween is one of the single most profitable holidays for companies like Party City, Ricky’s and the dozens of other retailers that pop up for one month and one month only. What other event could provide enough revenue in one measly month to sustain a company all year around? People go all out with their costumes. Everyone is trying to outdo the next person, trying to take the “best costume” title home. And while there are the folks that simply put the word “sexy” in front of a generic title and call it a costume, most like to come up with something others will immediately recognize and appreciate it.

Dancers are respected and revered worldwide, especially after the blockbuster success of the movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman. Dancers are seen as beacons of beauty, grace and elegance. Every little girl wants to grow up to be one and most of adults wish they could have been a world class dancer. Therefore, dressing as a dancer is an idea that appeals to most ladies, and little girls.

Thankfully for the real dancer, this gives you an excuse not to drop tons of cash on a costume you are going to wear for one week and then either throw away or relegate to the back of your closet or a box in the attic. Really, when you think about it, spending $80 or $90 dollars on a zombie costume that will be commemorated in a couple pictures and then forgotten is a questionable use of funds in today’s struggling economy. Things like making rent or eating on a daily basis seem like they would take priority.

Thus, donning the leotard, baltogs and bloch shoes you wear for dance class is an incredibly simple way to look amazing and save money. No one will know that you have opted out of the costume buying frenzy and simply raided your dance class bag. All they will see is your dressed to the nines in your capezio tights and tutu’s; they will immediately recognize you as a dancer and be impressed and appreciative. For those with friends who are aware of their dancer status, a simple advance directive not to blow your cover should work on your friends.

Save money and look great by capitalizing on your gift of dance this Halloween.


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