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Proprio nel giardino di casa mia c’è questo albero pieno di foglie secche… Non potevo non scattarci qualche foto. Poi io amo le foglie secche e lo ”scricchiolio” che fanno…

• Cappello: Zara

• Maglione: Dear Lover

• Pantaloni: Pull&Bear

• Stivali: Ugg

Why am I obsessed with Dear Lover?

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I recently received some products from Dear Lover, a world-renowned brand with beautiful, extremely affordable, and top quality products.
In this first challenge, I chose some essential pieces in the wardrobe and of course timeless: two blazers and a sequinned shirt.
The first Open Front Long Sleeve Leopard Blazer Suit won me over. The blazer composes any outfit, makes it more sophisticated and elegant. This blazer can be worn in a full black look or with color. I’m a fan of neutral tones, so I chose a black look, where the blazer stands out and gives that touch of sophistication.

The second blazer is Apricot Double Breasted Long Sleeve Novelty Button Blazer in apricot tones, with golden buttons. I loved the quality and design. It’s my favorite of the moment, it makes any style more attractive.
Finally, the sequinned apricot-colored shirt is an essential piece. The right shirt to make simple and relaxed looks or more classic. Sequins bring the shine that every girl needs.
They are pieces that have won me over, especially because of the quality of the fabrics. The pieces arrived well packed, with simple and well-packed packaging.
The shipping was relatively fast and the service is fantastic: professional, friendly, and kind people, always available.
You can buy the same pieces on the website [clicking here] or [here], or different pieces, but always fabulous.
Share your shopping with me, I want to see your photos and I want to see you obsessed with Dear Lover.
And don’t forget to go shop on Sexy Lingerie Wholesale page, they have incredible pieces too.

It’s hard to be an Oltenian in the world

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I come from somewhere near the Danube, I grew up somewhere near Some? and I ended up settling somewhere near Bega. :) The world defines me as “Oltenian”, before defining myself as a creature, human or woman. It’s hard for me to understand the hatred of those from Banat (because I settled here and here I always run into “these Oltenians”) people from Oltenia. There is a traffic accident, the news goes normally if no Oltenian is included, but beware the Saint that an Oltenian is involved, because you will see in capital letters written on all social networking sites OLTENII are, OLTENII do. Or the Saint again warns an Oltenian to park badly, so as not to take curses, pictures on FB, etc., but no one cares that there are dozens of other people who parked in vain. This hatred for Oltenians is so stupid, but it always manages to amaze me. I was struck by this hatred when I did an event with a friend, cleaning the city of Timisoara, where we were suggested that the cleaning would be “sending Oltenians home”. We are both from Oltenia, initiating a project to clean up the city of Timisoara where we settled … stupid brother, honestly. Grow up people, we are no longer in kindergarten to behave so childish. It is impossible not to take these insults personally, although I do not define myself as Oltenian, Banatian, Transylvanian or Moldavian. of “sexual identification”.
But honestly now, how can you hate a man, without knowing him, without knowing what his skin can do, just because he is from Oltenia? Maybe that Oltenian makes your life easier at work, maybe he’s the one who helped your mother carry the water or maybe it’s the one who helped you get the loan at the bank. So before being so hostile to the Oltenians, think that we are human and we are, that we belong to the same species and natives as you first of all. Oltenians are like everyone, with dryness, with good and bad, determined to make a future where it is possible, where there is room for better.
Yes, we may not have left the best examples to follow, or perhaps the ones worth following were not made so public, but before judging a man by the area he comes from, judge him by his conduct. We migrate to bigger cities, just as we all Romanians migrate to other lands. If we as a people do not stop, why would we want foreigners to do it. That is, what is above a Banatian compared to an Oltenian, a Moldovan compared to a Banatian and so on? Now tell me, what upsets you? What have you been unable to digest or have been facing lately? P.s link to the event The clean city, if you are from Timi?oara and on Saturday you don’t have so many plans in the first hour, give yourself a helping hand in cleaning your area.

I was wearing Dropship Clothes dress, Accessorize bag, no name boots, earring, necklace and sunglasses and Denim.Co jacket

Today’s motto: “For a really long time, I thought being different was a negative thing. But as I grew older, I started to realize we were all born to stand out; nobody is born to blend in.”