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     I wanted to be adding summer clothes to my closet! My first acquisitions have been since the tranquility of the house and I wanted to show them before you see them in looks.

summer_bikini_dress_trends_gallery_fashion_blog_look 3

   I loved this bikini as soon as I saw it. I have never had any of this color and the knotted top I liked very much. It’s from SheIn and you can find it in four other colors HERE. Its price is great, only € 11 and also, with the code “15galleryblog19” you have a 15% discount on purchases over € 19.

summer_bikini_dress_trends_gallery_fashion_blog_look 6

A white bikini must be taken every summer. Do not tell me that it is not spectacular when we are brunette !? This model is ideal !! Triangle-shaped upper and high waist panties, both with tassels and transparencies and feel of death! It is from Dokotoo and its price is $ 20.99 (about € 18.50).

summer_bikini_dress_trends_gallery_fashion_blog_look (8)

Although a priori we all know how to dress to go to the beach there are times that it costs us a lot to choose the perfect model for a beach day. I usually use simple one-piece looks like this blue fringed dress by Dropship Clothes …

summer_bikini_dress_trends_gallery_fashion_blog_look (9)

  … Or basic t-shirt, shorts and kimono (like this one from Dropship Clothes) for beach days that last until the night with walks in the harbor and dinner included.

summer_bikini_dress_trends_gallery_fashion_blog_look (11)

This openwork knit top came with me with the idea of ??combining it with the pants that accompany it in the image. Khaki green, I see many possibilities. I leave the direct link HERE.

summer_bikini_dress_trends_gallery_fashion_blog_look (12)

  I am very fond of palazo pants. They seem most elegant for summer evenings. The print is beautiful and I think I’m going to get a lot out of it this season. It’s from Mango and HERE you can find it for € 22.99.

summer_bikini_dress_trends_gallery_fashion_blog_look (1)

 I think I found my favorite “little black dress”. This black dress by Molly Bracken is super comfortable and versatile. I love your hip height details and the flight of the skirt makes it very feminine.

And you, have you already made your first purchases for this summer?

Chilling and relaxed on a boat

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The last day of Summer was the hottest in Moscow during the whole recorded time. I didn’t fully enjoy it frankly having tons of things to do. And so I did with the first day of fall as well. I kinda wished I was myself on the photos below: chilling and relaxed on a boat.

Today I don’t only want to show the wonderful idea of boat style transitioning outfit but also show you my new item. So if you happen to be on a boat take a cardigan. On water even slight wind might feel colder especially when fall is right there. however it might be good to swim or sunbath so you might want to wear a bikini. Light cardigan is on to go item for such moment: just throw it right onto your swimsuit and enjoy the comfort and beauty. This purple babe is from Dear Lover. The they both wholesale and retail options so you will definitely find what suits you best. There are tons of cardigans and it is a joy! I have to admit when I feel the breath of autumn I tend to look at all the cardigans out there. That and plaid shirts. And Halloween items because it’s only 59 days to Halloween guys!  

The cardigan is not knitted so it’s perfect for evenings in late spring, summer and early fall when you want to add a layer. I love the soft purple color of it, it is very pleasing to the eye and colorful enough to pop. I tend to be more of pop colors girl lately which I am frankly more than happy about. It’s very comfortable and has no issues with stitches. The buttons are slightly too tight but I do hope it will easy up in future. Or not, i don’t care much about buttons of a cardigan. Overall I highly recommend this item, it is super comfortable and easy to add to your outfit. Also if you fancy some sexy lingerie wholesale they have tons!

I was wearing:
c/o Dear Lover cardigan (shop it here, available in various colors, not only purple)
old swimsuit with no tags left

Do Take Care Of Your Swimsuit

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Blue & White Stripe Crop Tankini Set

Blue & White Stripe Crop Tankini Set

While buying a swimsuit nylon swimsuit is considered best. Nylon suit can make you feel comfortable. Unfortunately, not many are manufactured anymore, since the advent of the nylon/lycra spandex blends. Nylon will give you the proper fit but has limited stretch ability. Sun is nylon’s number one enemy, and will weaken the fabric over time.

The new type of fabric that is used is Polyester. Jammers are made with polyester and polyester PBT. They have a longer life span than the traditional spandex blends, and are moisture resistance. They can be stretched easily and durable in nature.

Most board shorts and boxer styles are a blend of cotton and polyester and nylon. They require less maintenance and care when compared to spandex blends, and can be laundered normally. The blends that include nylon are even more durable and quicker drying.

For competition and racing purpose, as well as jammers, trunks and thongs are made in this blend. Here’s how to make them hold up longer. Keep your swimsuits out of hot water, hot showers, saunas, steam rooms and washing machines. Keep them out of dryer too, and away from any other source of heat.

Always clean your swimsuits properly. Avoid chemicals like chlorine, oil residues and salt. Avoid heavily chlorinated pools. After each use rinse your suit in cold water immediately. Be gentle, no hard wringing or twisting. Use no detergents or bleach.
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