Sexy Me in Sexy Costume

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wholesale Flirtatious Maid Outfit,Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Flirtatious Maid Outfit

Those who love to flaunt their style, looking sexy is the natural progression. But, how to look sexy? Well, over the years people have been donning various costumes and garments for events and occasions, sometimes by baring assets or by almost doing so by donning a negligible piece of cover as cloth.

As far as that semi-naked yet tempting look of the females is concerned, use of sexy lingerie has played one remarkable role ever. Lingerie are used no more under the cloths. Just go to an adult nightclub or a fashion show, models wearing designer lingerie will captivate you straightaway. A woman in lingerie surely has the power to attract you to her most sparkling radiance. And if models are there to wear it for you, why not give that pleasure to your eyes!

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Have Fun with Christmas Costumes

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 wholesale Fever Santa Baby Burlesque Costume, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Fever Santa Baby Burlesque Costume

Santa costumes can be found almost everywhere now. Thanks to the internet, you can also purchase them online. However, when you have any problems with the costume, there may be little you can do as returning goods purchased online is still a bit of a problem.
Traditional Christmas costumes are usually Santa suit costumes. There are other characters too like Mrs. Claus, the elves, reindeers and the three kings. The size between Mr and Mrs Claus differs and the elves are all of course in green color petite clothes. For a reindeer costume, there should be a plastic horn included. As for those who would like to be Rudolph, don’t forget the red nose trademark. The three kings costume should consist of robes and capes.
Since Christmas is all about relaxing and comfort, the material used for the holiday costumes is cotton. It is a common material used in ordinary shirts thus tailors adapt this item to their design. Cotton is a light fabric and lets the body control its natural temperature. It can also be washed easily using ordinary detergents. Santa suit costumes are made with cotton in mind since the material is easy on the body. Some tailors add a hidden belly bag to give the impression that the wearer has a big stomach. However, some guys already have large waistlines thus some tailors remove this feature from the design.
The Santa suit has always been red. it would be very awkward to see a green or white Santa suit, almost all accessories and decoration related to Christmas is red in color. Browns are already reserved for reindeers as this is the most natural look for them. The kings are the luckiest as they can be in almost any color. One can even use violet, blue or yellow as this shows royalty.
Fitting the holiday costumes is an integral part of the planning stage. Before a person buys the outfit, he or she must try it on first to check for uncomfortable areas. They should be able to tell the tailor the parts where changes should be made to be able to enjoy the event. Kids are the most prone for costume failure during these events thus extra care is needed on the outfit. Santa suit costumes are very durable although one must check the bottom part as it can rip if pressure is put on certain areas. Once everything is checked, the purchase can be safely completed.

The Christmas costumes will definitely give everyone something to have fun with while making the event memorable


How to Sew a Flapper Costume

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Dear-lover, wholesale Red Super Mario Plumber Dress Costume

Are you rearing for a costume party? Whether it is for the Halloween, a birthday party, or just an ordinary costume party where you want to dress up and look glamorous, you can always rely on the dependable flapper costume. It is a classic piece, it shows off your gorgeous legs, and it is easy to make! So if you want to arrive at that party looking all shiny and new but without spending too much, then making your own flapper costume might just be for you. It would also be great if you are required to prepare a number or performance because flapper costumes are so iconic that they immediately exude Charleston and all that glamorous dated entertainment.
The best thing about the flapper costume is that even a beginner can sew one and make it to her perfect fit so it would accentuate her assets. It is just a one piece little dress that will wow a captive audience. So get out your trusty sewing machine and begin. Just follow the guide below and you will be on your way to making yourself an elegant but fun flapper costume:

  • You will need the following materials:
    • A measuring tape
    • Elastic thread
    • 3 to 4 yards of shimmery fabric. You can choose any color you like – usually flapper costumes are silvery white, but now you can find gold and other colors as well.
    • 6-inch wide fringe approximately 15 yards
    • Pins and thread
    • Sewing machine
    • Embellishment like beads, sequins, feathers

Here are the steps:

  • Get the measuring tape and get your measurements. When making the costume, add an inch or two to make it easier to wear the costume. Take precise measurements or else you might end up with costume that is too tight you would not be able to wear it.
  • Measure the length of the fabric that you would need to make your dress. Make adjustments for the hem lines. Add at least 4 inches to your measurements in making your dress so you can have ample material for the hems and enough room for you to get into the dress.
  • Make the shoulder straps. Prepare two 12 x 22 inch wide strips from your shimmery fabric. Fold lengthwise by half, stitch along the side and then turn inside out.
  • Take the fabric and stitch the hems. The top hem should have ample space because it would serve as a casing for the elastic thread that will help hold the costume. Do not worry about getting the hem lines perfect because they would be barely noticeable after you put the fringe on the dress.
  • Prepare the fringe. Start with the bottom hemline so that the subsequent fringe you will be layering on would overlap those beneath it. Lay the fabric flat and position the fringe layers and pin them in place. Hold the fabric up with the pinned fringe to see how it would look. Make sure that all the fringes are overlapping from the top to bottom. If everything is perfect, you can now stitch the fringe layers on the fabric.
  • Close the dress by matching the two edges of fabric with its counterpart fringes. You can add a zipper if you want, but it is not necessary.
  • Stitch the straps. Cut and adjust the straps before stitching them onto the dress. Make sure you stitch them from the inside so the thread would not show where people will see it.