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        If you haven’t been reading the blog over the last week or so, you’ve missed out on my latest collaboration withDropship-clothes.com  I’ve had so much fun sporting their cute dresses–my first was this red sequin gown– and I’m in love with the retro swimsuit I got and will definitely be wearing that all summer.  Today’s post is this Green Military Button Off-The-Shoulder Vintage Dress.  I love this vintage military style, very reminiscent of the 1940s.  Dropship-Clothes has tons of cute dresses, but I was drawn to this one because it’s a departure from the style I typically wear and I don’t like to get stuck wearing the same old  predictable style post after post. Where’s the fun in that?

Dropship-Clothes Green Military Pencil Dress
Dropship-Clothes Green Military Pencil Dress
Dropship-Clothes Green Military Pencil Dress
Dropship-Clothes Green Military Pencil Dress
Dropship-Clothes Military Pencil Dress

Shopping Info:  Green Military Button Off-The-Shoulder Vintage Dress


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Think back to your childhood. Were you one of those too-cool-for-pink kids or did you love the colour? Well, here’s why we should be loving the colour and this awesome dress from Dropship Clothes, by Rosa Fairfield. 
Photographs by Linda Smith




Yeah, so the dress is supposed to be more of a nude but I think it kinda has a pink tone to it… which I love…

Here’s why you should love pink:

It can be calming for your eyes
I’ve always been a bit light sensitive. I find that I can actually see a bit better wearing rose-tinted glasses. Also, I tend to end up wearing my sunglasses outside even when it’s overcast and the sun isn’t in sight. On those days, dark sunglasses aren’t going to cut it but a lighter rosey hue means I can still see everything else around me.

Things seem happier with more pink around
I don’t know if this is just me but whenever I see anything pink; I instantly start to smile. It’s normally a fairly calming colour, often not too garish… like some yellows. It’s normally seen in pastel shades too. At the same time, it’s also interesting to look at, it’s bright and stands out – giving a pleasant change from the boring blacks and greys we always seem to see around, without being overpowering.

It shows you’re comfortable with yourself
I think shying away from pink, unless you just don’t like the colour, can show insecurity. People out there really do avoid it because they’re scared it’s ‘too childish’ or ‘too girly’. By wearing it, if you like it, it shows you’re confident and you’re standing tall against people’s opinions. When men wear it, it also shows they’re comfortable in their ‘masculinity’ and that society shouldn’t decide what’s a ‘boys colour’ and what’s a ‘girl’s colour’. Colours are just colours.

It makes a statement
Pink is eye-catching, it’ll make you stand-out from the crowd. If you wear a bright hot pink dress in the middle of a tiny country village, those nosy neighbours will probably be whispering. Okay, I’ve got no idea if that’s actually true, I don’t live in a ‘village’… not technically. Most people tend to pick more neutral tones though and eyes do tend to land on the something that’s different.

It’s that ‘different’ colour
Okay, this is probably going to be a super weird thing to say. (Okay, scratch that, most things I say are  a weird thing to say.) When I was first starting school, we had houses – very Hogwarts – and they were blue, green, yellow and red. It felt like those were the only colours in the world at school. I always wanted my favourite colour to be one of the ‘different’ ones, like pink… purple… gold… silver….

Okay, that was probably a bit of a weird tangent to go off on. I’m going to wrap this up by talking about this awesome, so awesome, dress.

The Dress
The dress, A.K.A the main attraction, it’s awesome (oh wait, I’ve already said that). You know what I really love about this dress? The straps. Seriously, the last couple of dresses I’ve had, have had no straps. I love them but that also means living in constant fear of the dress falling down and me flashing. Hey, I’m not that big up there so it’s hard for it to hold up.
I also love the simple design. Fancy statement dresses are all well and good but not so great for wearing on a daily basis. Take something like this, you can cas… casual? it down. Throw a sweatshirt on over the top and a pair of boots and you’re good to go. It also means you can adapt it for the different seasons. Yeah, so apparently I only care about the practicalities when buying a dress. In my defence, I feel like I have an in-build: OMG! it’s *insert pink, fluffy, sparkly* feature. I don’t really have to think about that stuff. Don’t forget to check out the Dropship Clothes big sale, they have some great pieces.

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Olá, amores!

Recentemente fui convidada pela loja Dropship Clothes para conhecer algumas peças da loja. Hello, sweethearts! Recently I was invited by the Dropship Clothes store to meet some parts of the store.

O site tem uma infinidade de peças do vestuário feminino, especialmente vestidos.
A navegação é super tranquila podendo encontrar com facilidade as peças desejadas, bem com as informações sobre o material e as medidas de cada produto.

Vamos espiar as peças que eu escolhi?

The site has a multitude of pieces of women’s clothing, especially dropship dresses.
The navigation is super quiet and you can easily find the desired parts, as well as the information about the material and the measurements of each product.
Shall we spy on the parts I have chosen?

A primeira peça é esse vestido preto com botões frontais.
Super basicão, mas com alguns acessórios é possivel transformar totalmente o look.
Acho que preciso dar uma ajustadinha pra ficar mais acinturado. Mas no geral, gostei dele.

The first piece is this black dress with front buttons.
Super basic, but with some accessories it is possible to totally transform the look.
I think I need to adjust it to get more attuned. But overall, I liked him.


A segunda peça foi essa blusa floral.
Ela é maravilhosa! Amei demais!
O tecido é bem fresquinho, tem a parte traseira mais compridinha e duas pontas na frente para dar o nó.
O tamanho ficou perfeito!

The second piece was this floral blouse.
She’s wonderful! I loved it!
The fabric is very fresh, has the back more long and two ends in front to give the knot.
The size is perfect!

E a última peça foi a blusa ciganinha. Ahh, como eu amei!
Ela também tem um tecido bem fresquinho e assim como a floral, ela também é mais compridinha atrás e tem as pontinhas para dar o nó.

And the last piece was the girly blouse. Oh, how I loved it!
It also has a very fresh fabric and just like the floral, it is also longer behind and has the tips to tie the knot.

Segui direitinho as medidas que estão lá no site e tudo serviu certinho.
Fiquei apaixonada pelas peças, principalmente pelas blusas.
A entrega foi super rápida! Chegou em menos de um mês e o melhor, sem taxas!

Fiquem ligadas que o site está com promoções imperdíveis na BIG SALE!
Vale muito a pena conferir! =)

E então, amores? O que acharam das minhas escolhas?


I followed the measures that are there in the site and everything was correct.
I was in love with the pieces, especially the sweaters.
The delivery was super fast! Arrived in less than a month and the best, no fees!
Keep in mind that the site has unmissable promotions on BIG SALE!
Very worth checking out! =)
And then, loves? What did you think of my choices?
See you.