Do Take Care Of Your Swimsuit

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Blue & White Stripe Crop Tankini Set

Blue & White Stripe Crop Tankini Set

While buying a swimsuit nylon swimsuit is considered best. Nylon suit can make you feel comfortable. Unfortunately, not many are manufactured anymore, since the advent of the nylon/lycra spandex blends. Nylon will give you the proper fit but has limited stretch ability. Sun is nylon’s number one enemy, and will weaken the fabric over time.

The new type of fabric that is used is Polyester. Jammers are made with polyester and polyester PBT. They have a longer life span than the traditional spandex blends, and are moisture resistance. They can be stretched easily and durable in nature.

Most board shorts and boxer styles are a blend of cotton and polyester and nylon. They require less maintenance and care when compared to spandex blends, and can be laundered normally. The blends that include nylon are even more durable and quicker drying.

For competition and racing purpose, as well as jammers, trunks and thongs are made in this blend. Here’s how to make them hold up longer. Keep your swimsuits out of hot water, hot showers, saunas, steam rooms and washing machines. Keep them out of dryer too, and away from any other source of heat.

Always clean your swimsuits properly. Avoid chemicals like chlorine, oil residues and salt. Avoid heavily chlorinated pools. After each use rinse your suit in cold water immediately. Be gentle, no hard wringing or twisting. Use no detergents or bleach.

Hang your swimsuit in well-ventilated area where there is fresh air. Avoid wrapping your wet suit in a towel or stuffing it in a bag, even for a short period. Don’t leave your swimsuit for extended periods. If you keep your swimsuit in a dry place for a longer period of time, elasticity will disappear, and you will need to dispose it off. If you have several suits, rotate them periodically, instead of always gravitating to your favorite.

If you buy a new suit, set the dye in the fabric, so that the color is less likely to fade. Simply mix 1 cup of white vinegar with a gallon of cold water, and let your new suit soak in this solution for about 15 minutes. Then rinse it well with plenty of cool water.

If your swimsuit is not rinsed properly in cold water, you can wash it gently by hand with Malibu-C Shampoo. Avoid using laundry detergent, dish detergent, Woolite or any other brand of shampoo or cleaner. If you use any of the above materials, you will lose the suit elasticity, and then you have to shop for a replacement.

Always choose dark or bright solid color swimsuit. If you have an athletic body, a solid color or subtle retro print would be the best choice. If you’re younger or have flawed physique, then choose something more vibrant. Tribal and Asian style prints are especially hot right now.

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