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Last post I revealed some rules I’m following when I’m shopping online. I learnt these rules hard way, after so many disappointments and failures. Let’s see if these rules are always working.

This post is sponsored. I was gifted with 3 dresses of my own choice for the review by the manufacturer and marketer Dropship-clothes.com . They are selling online very affordable women fashion included the lingerie, swimwear and the sports wear. I would like to present you the second dress I chose. Like always, I tell you my honest opinion. If I like it, I’ll tell you, if don’t, I’m gonna tell you either.

For the second choice, I visited the plus size section. I chose the burgundy off shoulder dress with the floral pattern. I was thinking that it will be perfect for the beach. If you would like to see how the burgundy dress looks like at the online shop, click on the link.

The dress has nice A-line asymmetric skirt. The skirt is amazing. I couldn’t stop twirling. The fabric is nice and stretchy. I was so looking forward for this off shoulder effect, but it didn’t happened. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough fabric for this. On the shop picture is there much more fabric. The dress was keeping pulling up. So pity. So I styled it like a sleeveless dress. As I don’t like sleeveless dresses, I used jeans jacket to add another layer.

What do you think about this dress?

Dress: Dropship-clothes.com

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